Born at the climax of the 60's Kelly grew up fast on the mean streets of Huntington Beach, California. Enthralled with the imagery of 70's and 80's era comic books, skateboard art, movies and punk rock Kelly refined his early discovery of using his o.c.d. for making occasional pretty pictures. Eventually turning it into a career, Kelly ended up working for major publisher superhero comic books and making truly horrible skateboard graphics. It was at this same time Kelly, as a young adult was able to pursue further interest into the illusive world of tattooing when he moved to San Francisco in the mid 90's. Soon becoming friends with many of the local
tattooers with fellow interests in making pretty pictures. One of these friends helped him take his first steps in learning the craft himself and eventually leading him to move to a childhood dream destination of New York City where he worked at the original East Side Ink for a short spell, then quickly taking a seat at the then low key shop Fly-Rite Tattoos where he remained for some time. But his desire for city living waned and Kelly took a chance and headed north to work at Vanguard tattoo where he has found a new home to hone his craft. Able to handle every facet of tattoo imagery Kelly is well rounded, capable and innovating.